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Nepal Rastriya Chandraganga Secondary school is a government school located in Birendranagar Municipality of Surkhet, Nepal . It was established in 1973 AD and 900 students are studying in this school. Both boys and girls are allowed to study in our school. The school is running from Pre-primary level to grade 12. This School has deserved International School Award in 2018 under the connecting Classroom of British Council. The students are from different racial community, religious community, linguistic community and different economical status. The school was established to provide quality education in their own locality with free cost who are unable to afford large amount of fee in private school. So, the school was established to fulfill the emerging needs of the public.

This school aims in providing quality education rather than making profit. The school highly gives focuses on quality education for the production of capable manpower. It has been intended to develop Nepal Rastriya Chandraganga Secondary school as the model community school in the Karnali province of Nepal. The students from minimal income families, disadvantaged groups and marginalized groups have been studying in our school.

 Nepal Rastriya Chandraganga Secondary school aims to provide quality education to the students at the fee cost so that the students from different social status could be benefited. It was established with a view to develop the country by providing qualified, talent and skilled global citizens with high moral ethics and has become the first choice of many students. We are proud of having qualified and dedicated teachers, visionary academicians combined with professionals and co-operative administrative staffs.

Educating children is a great responsibility and privilege in equal measure. To make it work, we need to put a lot in. This begins with seeding the desire for lifelong learning in every student. Then we instill a respect for diversity, an appreciation of what it takes to be a genuine global citizen, the skills to both follow and lead, and ultimately the self-confidence to achieve academic and personal success. Our goal is for every student to finally outgrow us. We want them to become ready and able to take the next step, secure in the knowledge of who they are, and what they do best. We started to provide education in English as the medium of instruction since 2010 according to the needs and demand of the community people. It is the only public school that uses English as medium of Instruction in the Karnali Province.

 Instructional, administrative and physical aspects of the school have to be improved to provide quality education. The school has been trying to achieve the beliefs of local people in its continuous journey. This School has deserved International School Award in 2018 under the connecting Classroom of British Council. The students of this school  are from Surkhet, Dailekh, Jajarkot, Jumla, Humla, Kalikot districts of 6th province . Even if, We have been facing many challenges of academic, administrative, financial and physical structure of the school, Nepal Rastriya Chandraganga Secondary school has carried a lot of opportunities for bright future of the students because it is the only one community school in the 6th province. It has aimed at launching technical education on Agriculture from the very beginning of next year. 

The School Details:

Name:                             Nepal Rastriya Chandraganga Secondary School  

Address:                         Gagretal,  Birendranagar, 11, Surkhet

Type:                              Government

No. of Students:              900

Age Group:                     5-18 Years   

Teaching Staff:                24

Non-Teaching Staff:        4

Contact:                           08369440


ISA Details

ISA Coordinator:                     Mr. Dhani Ram Sharma


Assistant ISA Coordinator:   Ms. Ritambhara Joshi